Why A Human-Run Light Show Beats ANY Programmed Thing


Beside this you find two YouTube links to videos done in different months of the same song by The Gray Lions: Lost My Woman.

The first was done just after the rough mix was finished. The second was done around the beginning of November of 2010. The rough mixed audio has been exchanged for the final mix from the CD Run Wild by The Gray Lions so the audio does not change.

But as you watch, understand that the visuals are picked at the time, on the spot, without too much preconception, as they might be during a live show. As such, the effects clips used are as different as what that day’s most recent creations were and how the artist (me) was feeling that day and what he wanted to experiment with.

Computers, no matter how good the programmer was and how “random” it is set, don’t make choices on rightness for the song, the moment, the music, they make decisions on algorithms, random generators and other things that have no FEELING of the music or the material. And as an ex-Macintosh consultant with no reason to slight the computer’s other benefits, that’s a mouthful.

Human Influence

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“Rough Mix”

“CD Version mix”

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