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“Finished reading … There are not enough words to describe it. Beautifully written, compelling, heartwarming, informative, touching, and a MUST READ AGAIN.”

“Couldn’t put it down. Even read it while holding off eating and showering. Highly recommend!”

“It was fascinating to be invited backstage with a young kid who helped invent and pioneer a new art form and who used his musical talent to enhance and coordinate the visual effects the Pig Light Show created. Fascinating to follow the rebellious high school dropout who went on to a post-graduate degree, a successful career in creative stage lighting design, then teaching lighting design at the college level, and yet another career as a self-taught computer applications expert. I certainly learned a lot about what went on behind the curtain in each of those facets of his career. But it wasn’t all glamorous and the reader is also invited backstage to share the pain and anguish of failed marriages, financial loss, and struggles with mental health issues. Highly recommended read.”

“Pig is still Rockin it with this personal introspective into what was happening from Long Beach to The Fillmore and everywhere the light show madman shines his passion! A great read!”

“An amazing journey, I’m SO glad you wrote this book”

“I read it! It was AMAZING.”

Let There Be Light…Show

An Alien’s Journey Through Humanity

by Marc L. Rubinstein

Foreword by Joshua White

A Few Early Responses

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In late August 1951, the strange phenomenon known as The Lubbock Lights leads to days of UFO sightings from Texas northward through to Canada. An infant appearing in a Chicago hospital is swiftly adopted and whisked away to New York as quickly as health and law allow. As the child grows, it is obvious he is not quite like friends or family. By adolescence, his jokes that the events surrounding his “birth” prove he is an alien are met without ridicule, without argument; the “joke” is always met by some form of, “That explains a lot!”

Maybe you knew someone similar, someone who didn’t fit in…even with those who liked and loved them, someone who was there and apart all at once, and all the time.

Four friends are drawn together by strange serendipity after nearly forty years apart; talking through the night, reliving that place and time they turned from teen to adult becomes a magical experience. That weekend with old friends causes a fundamental change in the alien. This book is a reflection upon that life that caused even his closest friends to say, "Marc, you weren't like the rest of us.”

The experiences of a young musician turned light artist by age fifteen to legendary Fillmore East House Light Show by eighteen produce many interesting stories. But an entire life is not the same as a youthful success. However, the continued creation of niches, excelling in each, is even more remarkable.

How did he get there? Where did he go from there? What did he learn over the years about HOW he wasn't like the rest. Find out the WHY behind it all.

One of the last things his adopted father, the only father he ever knew, said to him was, “I hope you learn before you die how lucky you were to go through life doing things you loved.”