Modern Twist

A Modern Twist

Doing a light show used to mean carrying around TONS of equipment, slide and overhead projectors, screens, color wheels, clock faces, liquids, slides) and took hours to set up and many people to operate.

Pig Light Show with Jethro Tull at The Fillmore East 1971

Pig Light Show with Poco at The Fillmore East 1971

Now all it takes is a video projector and a laptop computer.

I create all the same liquid, slide and other effects in my studio and digitally record and edit them so they can be mixed live just as we used to do from a dimmer board. Some effects are created in my computer, but never by a computer!

This means many fewer limitations to doing shows almost anywhere, and savings for concert producers and promotors.

Analog effects are done by hand in my studio

Projected on a rear projection screen and recorded to digital video

Where they are combined as if from various projectors just as in the past

Those videos are cut into short clips of each effect and loaded onto a laptop…

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