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 I started Digitizing my analog light show effects into small loops of video so I could perform them live using a single video projector, a laptop computer and a control board to replicate the dimmers used with varied projectors. I really needed and wanted the intimate and immediate control I’d enjoyed with the analog show to retain both the spontaneously improvised feel so important to live performing.

Previously Pig Light Show traveled with over forty projectors plus varied light sources, independent light effects (like strobes, lobsterscopes, spinning lights, and other effects, dozens of motors and effects wheels (color wheels, ripple wheels, flicker wheels, mirror wheels, Mylar wheels, Lumia wheels and more) as well as power couplings, cables, dimmers, motor speed controls, a rear projection screen and all the slide trays, plus individual title and effects slides, colored waters, oils, alcohol and glycerine to every show—and, of course, a minimum of four other artists to run everything under my direction.

When the first couple of years worth of  effects went past a few hundred I started to feel the need to check these effects out with music instead of springing them upon any audience without knowing how well or poorly they worked. That led me to create my first Pig Light Show Music Video. Then I could test each new effect and often be inspired by the music to create more new effects or variations on good effects or get rid of effects I then knew either didn’t work as I’d hoped or just didn’t meet the style I was trying to set.

That’s how they started.

Then the few hundred effects turned into a few thousands, then a few tens of thousands, a few hundreds of thousands…and they keep growing in number.

The videos continued. Before I realized there were over 500 online. Most were on YouTube (all the ones I had on Facebook were removed and transferred). Then YouTube let too many entities beside record companies block videos (often ignoring the permission the writers and artists, actual Copyright holders had given me) leading me to use Vimeo as well.

After a trip with the Family to The Woodstock Festival Museum in Liberty, NY at The Bethel Woods Center for the Arts (where I met the then Senior Curator, Wade Lawrence) I got a call from him asking, after extensive research on his part, if I knew that these Light Show Music Videos had created a new art form that at the time I was the sole proponent? He wanted to do a retrospective of the pervious few years of my video work.

I said I’d had no idea. The next thing I knew….



Emmerson, Lake and Palmer

The Sounds of Silence


Don’t Stop Believing


The Luck of the Draw

The Gray Lions

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